Steve Nardone

Steve Nardone

4th Dan

Steve Nardone Sensei began training Aikido in 1964, having become a member of The British Aikido Association (B.A.A.). Over the next decade Steve trained under the late Cliff Gibbs Sensei, (6th Dan), the late Mike Earnshaw Sensei (4th Dan), the late Professor Bill Rankin Sensei (10th Dan Jujutsu) and the Late Ted Price Sensei. In 1976 Lancaster Aikikwai became an independent Martial Arts Club.

In addition to running the club for the last four decades, Steve has attended many training seminars with some of the highest ranked Aikido practitioners in the UK, including Terry Ezra Shihan, Don and Mary Pybus Sensei, Minoru Kanetsuka Shihan, George Aughton Sensei, Terry Bayliss Sensei, John Jenkins Sensei, Alan Ruddock Sensei, Shane Riley Sensei and also a weekend course in Paris with Steven Seagal Sensei. In addition he has attended other seminars organized by the I.A.B.C. including one with the Russian Special Forces (SPETSNAZ).

Steve is now delighted to find the club he has overseen in Lancaster since its inception now playing host to some of these same high ranked instructors, and more still from Europe and elsewhere.

Aaron Wieclawski

Aaron Wieclawski

3rd Dan

Aaron is a dedicated aikidoka and a thoughtful, caring and committed instructor. He has been studying Aikido for over ten years, starting in the Aikikai lineage under Sensei Steve Nardone, and then adopting the Takemusu Iwama style, seven years ago.

He started training as a complete beginner at Lancaster Aikido Club with no previous martial arts experience and now teaches the children’s classes, senior weapons classes and Sunday classes with the approach of "beginner’s mind" and a sense of fun: "Everyone is a beginner, even the black belts."

He travels regularly to international seminars in the UK and Europe to grow and develop his understanding of the Takemusu Iwama system under the teaching and guidance of Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros Sensei (6th Dan Aikikai), with whom he maintains close ties. Travelling for training and practising in new environments with different people, keeps his learning dynamic and alive, enhancing his teaching.

Aaron has a strong technical focus on basic technique and the integrated weapons systems, as developed by Morihiro Saito Sensei. He combines an analysis of the components of Aikido, developing his understanding and devising the best methods for instruction, with embracing the practice of jiyu waza - free flow training - and various movement exercises from the creator of Cheng Hsin- Peter Ralston.

Aaron trains and teaches from the values of Budo, Japanese martial practice, with an understanding of students’ needs to be supported and encouraged in their development throughout their training.