Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art created by Morihei Ueshiba (who is usually referred to by practitioners as O’Sensei, or ‘great teacher’) in the early 1930s. To put it simply, it’s a combination of elements of Jujutsu (locks and throwing techniques) and other various sword and weapons training systems from traditional Japanese martial arts. This includes, sensitive observation of balance, intention, momentum and energy.

Aikido was adopted by Japan’s military and municipal elites as a powerful martial discipline. The popularity of Aikido attracted students from all over the world, who visited the founder in both the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo and in the smaller Iwama Dojo in the Ibaraki Prefecture, often staying for several years to live and learn the martial art from its source. Due to its international appeal, Aikido today enjoys a truly global following, with a great many world-class instructors from whom to learn.