January ‘Workshop’

What will we be training?

Following on from the previous ukemi focused session, we will be looking in depth at appropriate ukemi responses to threats and how to stay committed in an attack. We will delve into the partner practice of Ken tai Jo for the weapons work, and will look at atemi options within techniques and some jiyu waza for the empty handed section.

The cost of the 4hr class is £10; date and times are as follows:

27th January 2019

10:00-12:00    Ken tai Jo

12:00-12:15     Refreshments

12:15-14:15      Taijutsu

Looking forward to seeing you all there! If you are attending, please contact us via email or our facebook group

Ken tai Jo is the study of Bokken against Jo, with the uke tachi (person receiving the attack) always being the ‘victor’ as they are using the Jo. The difference in the weapons e.g. length, implementation etc. make this a very interesting study as it affects timing, distance and awase. The 7 Ken tai Jo were formulated by Morihiro Saito Sensei and offer an excellent insight into his technical genius and understanding of the system, giving us multiple exercises and practices to study throughout our training, later giving us the freedom to expand and create our own.

The system can be intellectually challenging but we will build it up over time so all practitioners can develop an understanding. Due to the fact that time is limited we will only be looking at the basic 7 Ken tai Jo and will not be looking at variations this event, but can do so at a later time. We look forward to seeing all of you there again!!

Ukemi is fundamental to the study of aikido and should be practised at least as much as bukiwaza and taijutsu. We will work on how to stay supple in your body as an attacker/uke when a technique is being applied. This can be difficult for people as it goes against the ‘natural’ tendency to stiffen and lock-up when encountering resistance or redirection. Instead, we will learn how to soften and move with our partner to protect our bodies from injury, later giving us the flexibility and softness to escape, as well as finding counter-techniques and more…