On Sat 24th and Sun 25th March 2018 we had the pleasure to host Chief examiner, Technical director and Chairman of Traditional Aikido Europe, Sensei Lewis Bernaldo De Quiros 6th Dan at Lancaster Aikido Club for our FIFTH SEMINAR with him.

We had the delight of welcoming old friends and plenty of new faces to the dojo -many of whom travelled great distances just to be with us- and we are extremely grateful to everyone who trained, whether it was for a single day or the whole weekend. You are all responsible for making it such a success and such a wonderful event, so THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Sensei gave invaluable instruction throughout the weekend working on various aspects of bukiwaza and taijutsu, ensuring that it was suitable for all levels of ability, whether a seasoned practitioner or a new-starter.

As always, he provided a warm and welcoming environment to train, where people were supported and assisted in their understanding and truly enjoyed themselves both on and off the mat.

We are proud to be affiliated with Traditional Aikido Europe and De Quiros Sensei and can’t wait for March 2019, when we have the great fortune to host him again!

If you cannot wait until then, please contact Sensei Brendon Buchanan of Kou Ki Do Kan Dojo who will be hosting De Quiros Sensei on Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd June 2018 in Wolverhampton UK.

It will no doubt be another stellar event so don’t miss out…

Hope to see you there!